Management Company

Consolidated management is an important condition for the successful development and production of a company. It is not possible to control all production processes in geographically dispersed parts of the company unless the management function is allocated and assigned to a separate body.
The management company of DSK AVTOBAN, JSC is such a management body: directing the flows of production, capacities and finances and “conducting” a huge orchestra – the AVTOBAN Group.

The management company was established in 1999 with a significant margin of safety for the further development and expansion of the Group. The management company is responsible for the entire economy of the Company, controls finances, provides its construction departments with construction orders, carries out human resource management, quality control, deals with legal issues, security issues and, in general, works on the building and development of the entire Group, forming its policy and strategy. At the moment, the Management Company consists of 11 divisions, 188 employees.
It provides:
Unified communication system
Unified document management system
Unified financial management system
Unified training system
Unified system of production, management and corporate standards
Introduces a unified HR system

Contact information

119571, Moscow, Vernadsky Avenue, 92, bld. 1

Reception tel.: +7 495 645-98-18


Director General of DSK AVTOBAN, JSC

Alexey Vladimirovich Andreev