In-house training

All employees of the AVTOBAN Group can improve their professional skills and take dozens of educational courses online at any convenient time and completely free of charge. For this, the company has built a special employee development program. The new material has been compiled and structured according to the needs of the company and its employees.

New employee onboarding

A new job is always stressful. This is why the onboarding program for new hires of the Group includes a set of measures that should help the employees settle into a new job most comfortably and fit in with the team. In the beginning, a new employee gets aid in getting to know the company and job duties, coming into office and induction training.

Young Professionals Development Program

The work with newly hired employees is primarily aimed at enhancing the Company performance through engagement of new hires in solving different tasks, unlocking creativity and professional potential, stimulating efforts, encouraging to achieve high performance, develop professionally and pursue the career. A few years ago, AVTOBAN Group launched the HiPo (high potential) program to select and train the most ambitious, hard-working young specialists committed to career development, who will take up the key positions after a while and determine future success and achievements of the company. The development program for young professionals included in the HiPo young talent pool consists of personal assignments, annual classroom training, cross-functional internship with additional duties. The best young professionals take part in annual industry conferences and international trade fairs.

Succession pool

Intensive development of the external environment surrounding any modern business is driven by advancements in technology and production automation and digitalization. Therefore, requirements to the company’s employees have changed from top to bottom. The HR community offers more than one way to address the challenge. DSK AVTOBAN, JSC focuses on development of the succession pool, which means training current personnel to fill the key positions in the long haul. Management of the succession pool at DSK AVTOBAN, JSC is an on-going process that solves three tasks:

1. Scheduled rotation of mature strategic executives and introduction of trained successors ready to fill the position

2. Generation of contingency human resources in case key positions are vacated at the company

3. Employee career planning to ensure efficient operations of the company

For two or three years, succession pool members engage in activities to develop their most significant competences. The human resources department has reviewed the concept of development of succession pool’s professional competences shifting the focus from outsourcing to in-house training. The training program is elaborated and based on the corporate business processes by employees involved in these processes – experts from the holding company, production companies and, of course, construction departments.

Awarding the best employees

Apart from the paycheck, benefits package and bonuses, the AVTOBAN Group employees get internal awards:
for long service,
for professional achievements,
for scientific rationalization and inventive activities,
for development and implementation of measures on performance enhancement,
for active involvement in community affairs,
following the results of workplace competitions and professional skill contests,
for special services to the company.
Apart from traditional certificates, commendations and photographs on the board of honors, employees can be awarded gold pins and an extra cash bonus.