Our Communities

The AVTOBAN Group of Companies strives to comprehensively develop communities in the regions of operation and supports various charitable initiatives.

Since 2011, Alexey Andreev, CEO of the AVTOBAN Group of Companies, is the founder of the WE ARE TOGETHER charity fund for local communities, aimed at improving the quality of life in the district by identifying problems and solving them. The activity of WE ARE TOGETHER fund brings together different communities – residents, authorities, entrepreneurs, public organizations, and allows them to solve urgent problems together.

The main program of the fund is "My House is Yugra", bringing together projects with the purpose to help residents and improving the quality of life. Among other programs of the fund are: "City of Sports Achievements" to equip schools and sports institutions with sports equipment, "Little Joy - in Every Yard" project to create comfortable conditions for yard games and the development of mass sports, the Welfare program for socially vulnerable families, and many others.

Detailed information about the WE ARE TOGETHER charity can be found on the website http://vmeste.ucitizen.ru The following webpages are in Russian only.

Also, upon request, AVTOBAN holding provides charitable assistance to sports competitions at various levels (regional, national, international), as well as to regional sports federations.