Environmental protection

The basis of the AVTOBAN Group environmental policy is compliance with all norms of Russian and international environmental law, environmental monitoring, documentary confirmation of environmental management, ongoing training and advanced training of responsible personnel. The company has an effective environmental management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.

In the field of environmental protection, the AVTOBAN Group carries out the following activities: — Equips mobile plants with expensive air purification equipment, consumes natural resources as economically as possible, disposes of and recycles construction waste, introduces technologies and equipment that reduce CO2 emissions, expands the circulation economy concept, according to which up to 25% of asphalt concrete road surface is reused.

At the design stage, our specialists plot a route bypassing habitats of rare animals and specially protected areas, fish feeding and spawning grounds. When designing, the minimum constriction of river channels and change in the natural landscape are stipulated with the maximum use of dust-free road pavements and measures for surface dust removal. When constructing routes in the forest belt, we build wildlife crossings to preserve the usual migration paths of forest animals, while building bridges, we strengthen channels and banks and install regulating structures.

Upon completion of construction work, specialists carry out comprehensive land reclamation in order to prevent drainage, flooding or soil erosion, and plant protective green areas.