Customers and financial partners


These are the largest federal and regional structures of the country that are implementing the transport strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030, determining the present and future of road construction, transport, infrastructure, social and economic development of Russia. These are the most reliable and high-profile customers in the transport industry. At the end of 2021, Rosavtodor brought 8.7 thousand kilometers of federal highways to the standard condition in 84 subjects of the Russian Federation.
Russian Highways State Company
Upravleniye Avtomobilnykh Dorog State Government Agency of Tyumen Region

Financial partners and co-investors

These financial corporations and banks, together with major international investors, participate in the implementation of key infrastructure (including transport) projects in the country. The transport infrastructure development determines the activity of domestic and international business relations, the convenience of movement across the country, and the integration of Russian territory into priority international transport corridors. Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has invested over RUB 1.4 trillion of its own funds and global investors in key Russian investment projects, and has also attracted over USD 40 billion of foreign capital to the Russian economy, building a number of long-term strategic partnerships.
Eurasian Development Bank
Russian Agricultural Bank
Otkritie Bank
SMP Bank.