AVTOBAN – the leading infrastructure and investment holding company in the Russian market with full vertical integration across road construction, concessions and operations

Robust backlog growth outpacing the market and peers

Our backlog’s growth per annum comprises c.20% and stands for 5x revenue at a time

Focus on social responsibility and “Giving Back” culture

• ESG principles at the heart of strategic development

• We are among the founders of the Russian National ESG Alliance

• We care about the environment

A vast and rapidly growing total addressable market with high barriers to entry

Avtoban takes a 9% share of the road construction market in Russia

Business model transitioning into a concession focused infrastructure player with low-risk availability payments structure

Our business model implies a low risk with a focus on concession contracts, which account for about 85% of the Company's revenue

Strong track record of financial performance with increasing margins and low leverage

• >20% revenue growth annually (2020 - 85 RUB billion)

• >20% adjusted EBITDA margin

Highly qualified management team with in-depth sector expertise and proven GR capabilities

Senior team is highly experienced and is incentivized to promote the long-term, sustainable development of the Company