Construction and reconstruction of a section of the Syktyvkar — Ukhta — Pechora — Usinsk — Naryan-Mar (Komi Republic) highway on the Malaya Pera village — Kadzherom village section

Type of work
Construction and reconstruction
Road category
III and IV
Construction length
80.5 km
Design speed
Type of pavement and road surface
Permanent, stone mastic asphalt
105 pcs
Road signs
424 pcs
29 km
Capital expenditures
RUB 4.842 billion
Construction period: 2016-2018

Implementation scheme: concession with the Grantor’s fee. Concession Grantor and Customer: Ministry of Construction and Road Infrastructure of the Republic of Komi

The project is part of the Strategy for Economic and Social Development of the Komi Republic until 2020 and has been identified as a priority project for implementation on PPP principles in the Komi Republic.

The road is the only land connection of the administrative center of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Naryan-Mar, with the “mainland”, and the Komi Republic settlements Izhma, Ust-Tsilma, Pechora, Usinsk, Inta and Vorkuta with the backbone network of highways of the Russian Federation. The project implementation will improve road safety, ensure social activity and mobility of the population by improving transport accessibility, and provide timely medical care.