Construction of the Moscow - St. Petersburg high-speed highway, road sections at the 1st and 6th stage

Road category
Road length
74.9 km
Design speed
120 km/h
Number of lanes
4 pcs
Excavation volume
3,748,197 m³
Pavement area
1,626,583 m²
Type of pavement and road surface
Permanent, stone mastic asphalt
Number of bridges and overpasses
13 pcs/rm
Intersections at different levels
4 pcs
309,622 rm
Cost of work (incl. VAT)
RUB 14,016.5 million
Customer: General Contractor Transstroymekhanizatsiya, OJSC
Construction period: 2014-2018
On the terms of subcontracting, DSK AVTOBAN, JSC performed work on 3 sections with a length of 74.9 km. On a section with a length of 29.7 km, work was carried out on the construction of subgrade, road pavement, construction of pipes, road improvement and lighting, on two sections with a length of 10.6 km and 34.6 km, the construction of the lower and upper layers of the base, lower and upper layers of the road surface, road improvement and lighting.