Long-term investment agreement for the reconstruction, maintenance, repair, overhaul and operation on a paid basis of the M-3 Ukraine highway, from Moscow through Kaluga, Bryansk to the Ukrainian border (towards Kiev), 124 – 194 km

Road category
Construction length
71 km
Design speed
120 km/h
Number of lanes
Type of pavement and road surface
Permanent, stone mastic asphalt
Bridges (repair)
7 pcs/590 rm
10 pcs/703 rm
Wildlife crossings
1 pc/33 rm
Pedestrian ovepasses
2 pcs/120 rm
Pedestrian tunnel
Transport interchanges at different levels
6 pcs
Cost of work, including
RUB 28,996 million
investment of RCC AVTOBAN JSC
RUB 1,884 million
Customer: State Company “Russian Highways”
Construction period: 2014-2017
The project is implemented within the long-term investment agreement and assumes all elements of the life cycle contract. After commissioning the reconstruction site, JSC "DSK "AVTOBAN"" will carry out its maintenance, reparations and major repairs of the highway, as well as to collect tolls in favor of Russian Highways. The term of the agreement is 23 years.