Reconstruction, maintenance and repair of the M-4 Don highway (km 1197 – 1240 in Krasnodar region, 2011-2013

Road category
Construction length
41.484 km
Number of lanes
Excavation volume
2,537,619 cubic meters
Pavement area
951,036 sq. meters
Dividing strip width
5 meters
Bridges and overpasses
15 pcs/rm
Agricultural crossings
6 pcs
Transport interchanges
5 pcs
48,250 rm
Cost of work (incl. VAT)
RUB 16,869.112 million
Customer: State Company “Russian Highways”
Period of construction, maintenance and reparation: 2011 — 2029
The peculiarity of the site is that it is a full-cycle contract implying development of the working documentation, land management, preparation of the territory, site reconstruction, maintenance and repair for the period up to 2029.
In order to ensure the durability of the pavement structure and reduce costs during the site reconstruction, design solutions were changed, a construction that uses active industrial waste and reuses materials was designed. In particular, a technology of base facility made from organic-mineral mixtures based on milled asphalt concrete granulate was developed, the technology of high-speed seamless laying of asphalt concrete pavement using a high-performance automated control system and a wide-span asphalt paver with an active rigid plate was used, sealing equipment equipped with automatic temperature and density control systems Asphalt Manager was used.
Operational and laboratory control is carried out at all stages of construction using non-destructive methods of control of asphalt concrete pavements and the roadbed.