Reconstruction of M-8 Kholmogory highway, km 29 – km 35 in the Moscow region

Road category
Construction length
5 775 km
Design speed, km/h
120 km/h
Number of lanes
Pavement type
Customer: Tsentravtomagistral Federal Government Agency
Construction period: 2017-2020
During the work of the main period, the following will be performed:
— repair and construction of overpasses at the Pushkino — Ivanteevka highway; M-8 Kholmogory — Staro-Yaroslavskoe highway, overpass at M-8 Kholmogory — Pushkino turning circle, overpass at the Pushkino — Krasnoarmeysk highway;
— repair of the bridge over the Ucha river;
— construction of 4 overhead pedestrian crossings.
Taking into account the route proximity to residential buildings and in order to reduce the acoustic load, noise barriers, made of soundproof panels with sound absorption, will be installed.
The reconstruction will make it possible to multiply the traffic capacity, increase the travel safety and comfort, and significantly improve the environmental situation in the nearby settlements.