Reconstruction of the M-3 Ukraine highway, 37 – 51 km in Moscow region

Road category
Road length
14.6 km
Subgrade width
35 meters
Number of lanes
Excavation volume
758,483 cubic meters
Pavement area
466,687 sq.m
Bridges and overpasses
5/506.64 pcs/rm
Pedestrian overpasses
10/510.60 pcs/rm
Transport interchanges
3 pcs
72,556 rm
Outdoor lighting
25,600 rm
Noise-proof screens
11,041 rm
Cost of work (incl. VAT)
RUB 8,485.420 million
Customer: Federal State institution ”Center” Road Construction Direction of the Russian Highways Federal Road Agency
Construction period: 2005-2009
The reconstructed site was a complex object from the perspective of engineering solutions related to the necessity to rebuild communications. The entire complex of works was carried out without blocking traffic under conditions of high traffic intensity, peculiar for the nearest Moscow region.

Due to the reconstruction of the road section, the capacity has increased x3-5. The commissioning of the site ensured stoplight-free traffic at one of the busiest radial exits from Moscow.