Work with alumni and students

Cooperation with educational institutions

We understand and focus on the fact that young specialists are the main product that enters the labor market, therefore, from our side, opportunities are provided for young specialists to effectively use their professional knowledge in the company as early as during their studies at an educational institution. Due to the built system of work with specialized educational institutions, under the guidance of experienced mentors of the Avtoban Holding students and graduates have the opportunity to get the first experience in their life and such an important experience for students in their chosen specialty, which, undoubtedly, will affect their future attitude to the industry and views on work in general.

Vocational guidance

Organization of excursions to construction sites for students, starting from the 2nd year
Participation in round tables at events dedicated to the road personnel topics
Participation in annual job fairs
Participation in various forums
Provision of jobs for industrial and pre-diploma practical trainings

Internship/practical training

Every year over 250 students undergo practical training in construction departments, a production company and a management company of the Avtoban Holding. During the practical training in construction departments, students are provided with comfortable living conditions in the shift camp. Living conditions, quality of food in canteens and medical services are organized in accordance with the Regulations on the temporary shift camp and are under constant supervision. The company pays great attention to the onboarding of young specialists, during which the company’s employees help with the organization of the workplace, assign a mentor, prescribe an individual onboarding program, and assign various training courses.

Global reach

Our construction projects are scattered throughout Russia, in this regard, students have a unique opportunity to undergo practical training in remote regions or choose places of practice closer to their home, temporarily become part of a large and close-knit team of the Avtoban Holding, and also be involved in history of the road industry, large-scale construction projects: such as the Central Ring Road, M-4 Don, M-3 Ukraina, M-7 Volga, M-8 Kholmogory, M-1 Belarus, M-5 Ural, M-2 Crym.


Initially, I came to the company as a foreman assistant and worked in it for about six months. Then I became a foreman, in 2017 I was already a superintendent, and later became the Head of Section. In 2015, I worked in a small construction company, where I did not see further development and future for myself, I started looking for a good job. I was choosing between vacancies in several large construction companies, one of which was AVTOBAN. I had a chance to visit the construction site of the SU-905, talk to the Head of Section. I was amazed at the volume of construction and quality. The company had big plans for the future. I like working at AVTOBAN. Our construction department is very busy – not just with reconstruction projects, but with the construction of the first category roads from scratch. A huge plus is a 100 percent white salary, at the previous place of work I received “white” no more than 30 percent. The company has good social support, official vacations, but above all – excellent living conditions: modern modules with fitted showers and toilets.

Maxim Ivanovich Chaban

SU-905, Head of Section

Experience: since October 2015

I got into AVTOBAN while still a 5th year student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of MRSU – Moscow Region State University. Initially, I started as a concrete worker, then I was promoted to a surveyor. At the end of 2018, I was recognized as one of the best surveyors of AVTOBAN. I love my job for stability, decent salary, friendly staff. I’m getting colossal experience working at AVTOBAN and hope to get even more.

Stanislav Sergeevich Pushkin


Experience: since 2014

I got into the company by assignment to practical training, while studying at the Faculty of Road Construction at the Siberian State Automobile and Highway University (SibADI), and after the practical training I decided to stay. I started my career in AVTOBAN as a 4th grade road worker in SU-905. Then I moved to SU-967 and went through all the steps from the foreman to the Head of Section No. 1. I have been working in the company for many years, it is stable and dynamically developing. All indicators for today are excellent: decent salary, which is growing, a social support program, a close-knit team that is carefully selected, good living conditions for line workers. Even when I was a simple worker, despite the remoteness of some projects from the regional centers, we, AVTOBAN employees, were provided with everything necessary and good living conditions. In my opinion, building roads is interesting, especially when you see the result of your work with your own eyes.

Alexander Leonidovich Kontsevoy

SU-967, Job Superintendent/Head of Section No. 1

Experience: 2010 – 2012 in SU-905, since 2012 in SU-967

I came to AVTOBAN back in 2005, started as an asphalt roller operator, in 2007 I was promoted to foreman, and later became a superintendent. I got into the construction department by an acquaintance. At that time, SU-920 was just starting to work with SMA (stone mastic asphalt), which 10 years ago was considered a breakthrough in road construction, and I already had experience in paving such a road surface. Therefore, the Head of Section from SU invited me to them. I like working for the company, it is developing steadily, has new orders for construction, indexes salaries and takes care of its employees. We have a well-coordinated, close-knit team, which I also can’t help but like. The living conditions are modern and comfortable, we live in warm hostels with air conditioning, bathrooms and showers, which are not present in every construction company. The social security package is good. On a voucher from AVTOBAN, I have already been to the Dorozhnik corporate sanatorium with my family, and I am going this summer too.

Victor Ivanovich Glotov

SU-920, Superintendent

Experience: since 2005

I came to the company as a line mechanic, and later became the Head of the Road-Building Machinery Repair Section. The company has enough opportunities for career growth, the key is to try. I chose AVTOBAN based on the feedback that I heard from friends and found on the Internet. The company is large, stable and well-known, this is also contributed to the decision. I like working here, although the work during the construction season can be very difficult. I'm used to the team, we work in a close-knit and harmonious manner, there is no staff turnover. All employees, both line workers and managers, are good adequate people. Our work is well paid, moreover, this year I am going to have a rest at the Dorozhnik corporate sanatorium with my family on a voucher from AVTOBAN.

Alexey Sergeevich Rudenkov

SU-911, Head of the Road-Building Machinery Repair Section

Experience: since 2013

Back in 2007, I got into SU-925 (formerly the Voronezh Branch) as a driver, and I also worked at STROMOS, but not for long. In 2009, I got a job at SU-911, where I work to this day. The company is large, stable and modern, there are not many of such companies on the job market now. Initially, I worked as a car driver for 4 years, then I switched to a truck: the working conditions are better and the salary is higher. Over the past two years, I have used social support from the company: they provided me with material assistance to repay the loan. I also had a chance to rest in the Dorozhnik sanatorium with my family. This is a great place for families with children: excellent five meals a day, free oxygen cocktails, chocolates, etc. Also, for an additional fee, you can go on various excursions from the sanatorium. Over the ten years of work in the company, I can say that, although the team has changed insignificantly, it has always remained close-knit and friendly. I came across especially good mechanics – young, ambitious guys who work in the same place where I do – in a special repair team for equipment maintenance.

Andrey Viktorovich Vnukov

SU-911, Driver

Experience: since 2009

I have been working as an excavator operator at AVTOBAN for 12 years. I got here thanks to my father, who at that time worked as a driver. I like my job, it is enough, and the salary is stable and “white”. Several times I used social support programs from the company: I received payments for the birth of a child, and also went with my family to the Dorozhnik sanatorium on a voucher in 2017. I liked very much to rest there, the food is excellent, the living conditions are comfortable, the excursions are interesting. We have a good team, I am on friendly terms with everyone. We work on a rotational basis: month on, month off. We live in comfortable hostels. I have an interesting job, I have been in a lot of places. At the moment I work in the Moscow region, I used to work in the North, at a project in Perm, I worked at M-11, as well as in Cheboksary, on the Teplovskaya road, and many others.

Igor Sergeevich Svidovsky

SU-905, Excavator Operator

Experience: since 2007

I have been working at AVTOBAN for almost 2 years, in the position of an engineer of the Operation and Technical Department, as such there has been no vertical growth, but I had a chance to work not only in SU-925, but also in SU-905 and SU-926. Recently, I became a participant in the HiPO program, a special program for young professionals aimed at training qualified personnel who, upon completion of the program, will be able to take leadership positions. This is an interesting experience, as I have never had such training before. Why AVTOBAN Group? This is one of the most advanced companies in the road construction market and I have always wanted to gain experience in a large holding company. I like working here. Every day I learn new things, I have many different tasks, and the list of responsibilities is gradually expanding.

Olga Alexandrovna Karpekina

SU-925, Engineer of the Operation and Technical Department

I got into SU-905 during my practical training at the institute, additionally served an internship in other large construction companies in my region – the Omsk region. So at the time of employment there was something to compare with. Plus, a representative of SU-905 was present at the thesis defense, and the choice became obvious. I have been working in the AVTOBAN Group for two whole years and very pleased that I have chosen this particular company. There are all conditions for the development of young specialists – the HiPo program, of which I am a participant. The level of organization of training is very high, it allows to acquire new knowledge and qualifications. I would like to express my gratitude to the team, for the fact that we are really a team, and the management, for the fact that they are real professionals.

Pavel Viktorovich Ostrikov

SU-905, Service Mechanic

In September 2019, it will be exactly two years since I have been working for AVTOBAN. At the moment I am working in a construction laboratory on CRR-3 Central Ring Road project. I have passed all positions in the laboratory, from a laboratory technician to a senior laboratory assistant, and now I am going for a promotion, perhaps I will soon become a laboratory engineer. I got into the AVTOBAN Group during my practical training at the 3rd year of the institute, worked at M-8 project as an assistant foreman. We have a close-knit young team, which is an indisputable plus for work, the conditions are also very comfortable. I am also a participant of the HiPo program. This is a program that is essentially unique for young professionals, allowing them to learn from the experience of more qualified employees, so to speak, experienced managers.

Vladislav Vladimirovich Ilyin

CRR-3 Project, Senior Laboratory Assistant