Support for employees and their families

The company provides benefits aimed at supporting the families of employees: in the event of a child being born, by the beginning of the school year to parents with many children, New Year’s gifts for children, assistance in the event of adverse events.

Dorozhnik Health and Wellness Center

Any AVTOBAN’s employee can relax and improve health at the corporate Dorozhnik Health and Wellness Center. The health center is located in the Sukko Valley, one of the most beautiful and clean resorts of the Black Sea. The Group offers a partial compensation for the holiday package price to employees, their parents, spouses and children. For more details about the center, visit


The employee’s benefit package includes voluntary healthcare insurance that covers extensive diagnostics and treatment, home care service, immunization and dentist services. The company offers holiday packages at a discount for employees exposed to harmful working environments and working in the Arctic.

Housing programs

The Group can provide the personnel with corporate housing, if necessary, arrange for accommodation in shift camps and dormitories, and compensate for mortgage expenses.

Non-state pension provision

Since 2000, the Group has been promoting the corporate non-state pension program. First non-state pensions were paid in 2010. The Group maintains the supplementary pension system sponsored by the employer.

Since 2011, Avtoban has been providing non-state pensions through Blagosostoyanie Non-Governmental Pension Fund. The fund is the market leader by the number of non-state pension recipients (423,000) and the amount of pensions paid (RUB 4.9 billion). During the said period, as of June 30, 2019, AVTOBAN Group has paid RUB 190 million to the fund in total to form the employee pension. The accrued investment revenue earned over the time there is the pension program implemented through Blagosostoyanie Non-Governmental Pension Fund is RUB 31 million. The amount of pensions paid is RUB 37 million. The corporate pension is paid to 410 former employees. The corporate pension plan covers 2,735 employees (45% of the average staff number).

The average rate of the non-state pension paid by the company is not less than 10% of the former employee’s average salary. The corporate pension program also includes survivor pension paid to children of deceased employees until their coming of age (18 years).

There is also a retirement payment. It amount depends on the employee’s length of service.