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To build roads of impeccable quality and implement key investment projects for the Russian transport industry, we work with effective construction companies with a proven track record, because we offer:
Stability We work with key investment projects such as CRR-3, CRR-4, M-11 Moscow — St. Petersburg and many others, so we provide our contractors with long-term contracts and consistently high volumes of work. This allows construction companies to increase profits, expand their market presence and take their businesses to a higher level of development.
Reliability We fulfill our obligations to contractors and complete the started projects — list of completed projects
Efficiency The AVTOBAN Group employs professionals, experts in their field. Cooperation with the holding is an opportunity to adopt and apply in practice the latest technologies and innovations, work with the latest construction and laboratory equipment — our technologies
Safety The contract specifies the areas of responsibility of the parties as clearly as possible — standard contract
FOCUS ON MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL COOPERATION AND SUCCESS We create an atmosphere of trust and focus on success, because this contributes to the development of our common project and the business of all participants. The AVTOBAN Group invites to cooperation companies aimed at long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, successful development, trusting relationships and joint achievement of the set goals. We invite companies specializing in the design, in the preparation of the territory, in the construction and reconstruction of bridges and engineering structures, in the construction, reconstruction, roadway replacement and operation of highways
Cooperation with the AVTOBAN Group is a stable, reliable and safe development of your business.