At the end of 2019, AVTOBAN-Digital LLC was created as a new division of the AVTOBAN Group of companies, in order to manage the Group’s projects in the field of software development.

The main task of AVTOBAN-Digital LLC is automation and digitalization of the Group of companies' activities.

Main projects of AVTOBAN-Digital:
1. Management Information System for linear construction projects;
2. BIM model for design and construction of linear objects;
3. Intelligent control system of construction machinery.

Successful implementation of new projects will allow AVTOBAN Group to completely change its business and significantly increase its efficiency.

Contact information

119571, Moscow, Vernadskiy avenue, 92, building 1, XXXII, floor 2, room 11

Reception tel.: +7 495 645-98-18 (32-81)

e-mail: info@avtobandigital.ru

URL: avtobandigital.ru

Director General

Evgeniy Alexandrovich Korshunov