Dorozhnik Health and Wellness Center

Dorozhnik Health and Wellness Center (HWC) is located at the Black Sea coast, 15 km away from the resort town of Anapa in the picturesque Sukko Valley near the national dendrological reserve Bolshoy Utrish.

Located in juniper groves between the mounts and the Black Sea coast, the Sukko Valley has a distinctive climate.
Dorozhnik HWC was established in 1982, with adults and children visiting it from June till September for 37 years so far.
The center is equipped with all the facilities to treat respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal, nervous system disorder, skin conditions, etc. It offers treatments such as manual and mechanical massage, manual lymphatic drainage, clay applications, instrumental physiotherapy, inhalation therapy. They can also visit sauna or swimming pool and have some healthy snacks and oxygen cocktails at the phyto bar.

Thanks to its room capacity, Dorozhnik HWC can comfortably house 100 guests at a time. All the rooms are equipped with a split air conditioning system, bathroom, and 1st category standard furniture, a TV set, a fridge and Wi-Fi access. The center has the one-star category. The canteen offers three meals a day according to a discretionary menu with the salad and snack buffet, provisional, vegetarian, and diet menu as well as extras (juice, pastry, ice cream, fruit, fermented dairy food, own-produced bakery). The health and wellness center offers tour and entertainment services. The programs include trips to the Lion’s Head castle to watch one of the daily night knight shows, to the Anapa dolphinarium at Bolshoy Utrish, horse riding around the Sukko Valley area, visiting the African Village entertainment center, sea fishing and diving at Bolshoy Utrish, and daily cultural and entertainment events at Dorozhnik HWC. In 2021, 720 AVTOBAN Group employees and their families spent time at Dorozhnik HWC.

More information about the boarding house can be found on the website:

Contact information

353407, Krasnodar Territory, Sukko village, Sovetskaya st., 103A

Reception tel.: +7 861 339-31-49



Elena Petrovna Lizunova