CD-909, OJSC was founded in January 1966.

The main task of the construction department at the time of its foundation was the development of oil fields, as well as the construction of roads in the Nizhnevartovsk area (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District — Yugra). The department developed the Samotlorskoye, Belozerskoye, Mykhpayskoye, Chernogorskoye, Varyeganskoye oil fields. Also CD-909 built runways in Nizhnevartovsk and Raduzhny, city and regional roads.

The track record of CD-909 includes the entire network of highways in Nizhnevartovsk and the Nizhnevartovsk region, highways connecting Nizhnevartovsk with Megion, Raduzhny, Izluchinsky village, oil and gas field roads, ice crossings and tens of kilometers of winter roads.

Over its history, the construction department has built over 1000 kilometers of roads.

Contact information

628611, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra, Nizhnevartovsk, Neftyanikov st., 46a

Reception tel.: +7 3466 41-57-70

HR Department tel.: +7 3466 41-38-45; доб. 3410


Director General

Maxim Vladimirovich Tsepilov