Corporate integrated management system

CIMS is a corporate integrated management system of the AVTOBAN Group.
This is a corporate management system, the goal of which is daily optimization and improvement of business processes in all business units of the AVTOBAN Group.
The system consists of three key blocks: quality management in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001, environmental management (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety management (OHSAS 18001).

Document: strategic intentions  and directions

The purpose of CIMS is to ensure compliance with the requirements of the state, customers, other interested parties, as well as internal requirements; improvement of the company’s performance indicators. CIMS is aimed at systematic improvement of management, based on continuous monitoring of the process effectiveness, increasing the company’s efficiency and the satisfaction of external and internal consumers.

CIMS of the AVTOBAN Group grew out of the quality management system (QMS). The expansion of the holding and the merger of various business units under the AVTOBAN brand, each of which had its own quality standards, led to the need to create and implement CIMS – a unified, based on risk-oriented approach real operating quality control system that meets the needs and requirements of both external customers and internal target audiences.

The introduction of CIMS allows to achieve a competitive advantage, preserve the lives and health of workers, reduce process hazards, and minimize damage to the environment. The advantage of CIMS is a guaranteed stable, consistently high quality of products and services for customers, high reliability and efficiency for partners and subcontractors, favorable working conditions for employees and preservation of the environment.