Innovation and technology

We do not just build roads with the latest technologies and the most effective innovations. We implement turnkey projects – with lighting, planting and complex landscaping. We assist in the implementation  of the innovation policy of the Federal Road Agency, the Avtodor State Company and  regional customers.
This is the basis of the innovative strategy of the AVTOBAN Group.

The quality and safety of road traffic is ensured by AVTOBAN through creation of durable and safe road structures that meet modern requirements. Our priorities are surface evenness and good grip in all weather conditions; durability, which ensures the preservation of these parameters in time; ensuring equal opportunities for people with limited mobility.


Due to constant interaction with the customer, all technical solutions of the executed projects are subjected to a comprehensive analysis for the most efficient goal achievement. The AVTOBAN Group uses geosynthetics (geotextiles, geonets, volumetric geogrids) in the structures of the subgrade and road pavement; polymer materials in the structures of pedestrian crossings, storm water treatment systems, lighting poles, railings, trays and other road facilities.

Technologies for automatic control of road-building machinery

During construction, we use technologies for automatic control of road-building machinery (3D spatial positioning system) based on robotic total stations and GPS/Glonass satellite systems, which allows to reduce resources, ensure high-quality layers of pavement and improve the overall technical level of organization.

New type of road surface

Asphalt concrete mixtures are used in the highway road surfaces to ensure maximum wheel grip and durability, preservation of consumer properties during operation. The company has developed and implemented a new type of road surface made of porous asphalt, which ensures complete drainage of water from the road surface during precipitation, thereby guaranteeing traffic safety, good visibility, absence of water fog and noise reduction.

High-speed seamless paving of asphalt road surfaces

During construction, high-speed seamless paving of asphalt road surfaces is used with the application of wide-range asphalt pavers (up to 12 m) equipped with modern effective ultrasonic and laser leveling systems. Material transfer vehicles are used to eliminate fractional and temperature segregation of asphalt concrete mixtures. Modern rollers equipped with GPS navigation systems, automatic temperature and density control are used for compaction. This complex is capable of laying up to three kilometers of highway.

Modern light-emitting diode (LED) lights for road lighting

Modern light-emitting diode (LED) lights are installed to light the roads, they provide visibility and reduce energy consumption. Anti-glare screens are used to protect the driver’s eyes from the bright headlights of the oncoming traffic.

At all phases, the construction quality is assessed by modern instruments and equipment. All materials and designs are tested in laboratories accredited for technical competence. The company has a quality management system.

An equally important goal of innovations applied in the AVTOBAN Group is the preservation of nature and care for the environment. Therefore, we use only the materials whose environmental safety is confirmed by certificates of conformity.

In the construction of the bases, materials from road dismantling and secondary raw materials are widely used – this significantly reduces environmental pollution and conserves non-renewable natural resources.

Water disposal system

Water disposal systems are designed and built in such a way that the water collected from the road surface enters the treatment plant, where it undergoes up to three degrees of purification.

Wildlife crossings for animals

In places of isolated wildlife habitat, we build wildlife crossings (bridges for animals) to preserve their natural migration paths. For the safety of drivers, metal mesh fences are installed along the roads, which prevent animals from entering the road and being hit by a car.

Noise barriers

Noise barriers are used to protect against noise when the route is passing along settlements, they provide standard noise level indicators in the adjacent territory.