Production facilities

We have a production and technical base capable of providing road construction works of any complexity — from high-tech German asphalt plants to the latest models of American material transfer vehicles
Production bases
Units of road-building machinery

The holding’s special machinery is equipped with the latest 3D systems based on GPS/GLONASS, asphalt pavers are equipped with longspan ultrasonic skids. The corporate vehicle fleet is equipped with telematic systems for satellite monitoring and automated fuel delivery, integrated into 1C UAT.

Ammann and Amomatiс asphalt and asphalt concrete plants

Variable frequency drives, flow control, granulators of various sizes, sifting of minerals into several fractions with sizing, high mixing and achieving maximum homogeneity of the finished mixture.

Ammann, Wibau, Amomatic stationary and mobile asphalt-concrete and soil mixing units

Provide productivity up to 240 tons of soil per hour. Digital controls allow to control all work processes, both in automatic and manual mode, in order to obtain a high-quality ready-made asphalt mix.

Unicompact crushing and screening complexes

Produces cube-shaped crushed stone, which guarantees the production of high-quality mixtures of stone-mastic asphalt concrete. Primary crushing at the unit is carried out with preliminary screening and maximum removal of screenings, secondary – with jaw, cone or impact crushers. The excellent kinematics of the crusher are due to the optimal nip angle, steep angle of the spacer plate, shaped outer edges of the crushing plates and the increased speed of the flywheel. The crushing and screening complex is fully automated, controlled and monitored by a system equipped with programmable controllers and a convenient visualization system.

Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicles

The state-of-the-art road-building technology in the world, in total there are no more than 120 such machines in Russia. The material transfer vehicle is capable of receiving up to 23 tons of hot asphalt; a three-stage Ni-Hard auger agitates the mixture without letting it cool down and ensuring uniform temperature, density and texture. Due to the continuous paving of the mixture, a perfectly flat road surface is achieved.

Vögele and Volvo asphalt pavers

Uncompromising quality of new roads, confirmed by the autobahns built by the company. Exclusive performance based on the proprietary patented road compaction and leveling technologies.

Own maintenance and operation services

Provide round-the-clock monitoring of the state of production facilities and special machinery and high efficiency of road construction work.

Production assets of the holding

Ammann and Amomatiс stationary asphalt concrete plants

Benninghoven mobile asphalt plants

Unicompact crushing and screening units

Benninghoven, Ammann, Wibau, Amomatic, DS50B asphalt-concrete and soil mixing units

Fleet of special road-building machinery

Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicles (USA)

Vögele, Volvo and Bomag asphalt pavers

Volvo, Cat and John Deere motor graders

Hitachi, Komatsu and Caterpillar excavators

Caterpillar and Komatsu bulldozers

Komatsu, New Holland and Volvo front loaders

Caterpillar, Bomag and Wirtge pavement profilers

Bomag, Hamm and Volvo rollers