Quality control

The quality of road construction work is the main priority of the Avtoban
Since 2004, Avtoban has been operating a quality management system that meets the requirements of GOST, which is confirmed by a certificate from the Russian certification body, Yunikasert.

Thanks to the quality management system, Avtoban is constantly improving its products and work on projects.

The system includes:
  • Planning quality assurance activities for each specific project, taking into account its technical features
  • Quality control of purchased building materials, products and structures
  • Operational control during construction works
  • Inspection and testing of structural elements and critical structures
  • Continuous geodetic control of the spatial position of structures
  • Quality control of design documentation
  • Control over the implementation of subcontracted works

Avtoban business units have created testing laboratories accredited for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009, which control the quality of purchased materials, products and structures, as well as road construction work during the project progress and acceptance. Laboratory specialists are highly qualified and use modern domestic and foreign equipment to determine the characteristics of road building materials — organic binders, asphalt mixtures of various types and brands, concrete and cement mixtures, stone materials and soils.

Each laboratory has specialized computer programs that provide a reliable assessment of the results of field and laboratory tests — on their basis, the programs make accurate automatic calculations of the physical and mechanical properties of materials. Modern non-destructive instruments are used in assessing the quality of asphalt concrete road surface and subgrade.