Road maintenance and operation

We ensure the implementation of a full range of works necessary to maintain highways in a standard condition in order to protect the life and health of people, provide safe traffic and environmental protection

Range of works

Diagnostics of the state of highway structural elements; restoration of damaged road elements that endanger the safety of cars and people

Renewal and maintenance of marking, road signs, guardrails, lighting, communications, automated and digital traffic systems in the standard condition

Ensuring the operability of drainage systems and local treatment facilities

Ensuring the operability of toll point systems

Routine repair of subgrade, slopes, roads, bridges, interchanges, flyovers, overpasses, improvement elements and road communications

Washing and cleaning of road surfaces, engineering structures and improvement elements, etc.

Winter work

Roadway treatment with anti-icing materials to eliminate winter slipperiness

Clearing snow and ice from road surfaces and shoulders, bridge floor, stair approaches, traffic control devices

Installation, construction and repair of snow protection structures to protect the road from snow deposits, sediments, etc.

The work plan and the execution sequence are daily adjusted taking into account the promptly received up-to-date information on weather conditions, traffic accidents and the state of road elements.
Based on the results of systematic inspections, specialists draw up lists of defects in the subgrade, carriageway, engineering structures and engineering equipment for the fastest possible elimination of them.