Road transport services

We transport building materials and housing modules for construction departments at all projects of the holding in the European part of Russia.
The branch of the «AVTOBAN» Group расположен в is located in the Chekhovsky District of the Moscow region and has its own production and technical base with an area of 4 hectares, equipped with modern equipment for the maintenance, repair and storage of heavy-duty machinery.
Annual freight traffic
million tons
Freight traffic for entire period of work
million tons/km
Over 200 modern heavy-duty vehicles in the fleet, including the latest models of Tatra, Scania, Volvo dump trucks.
Production facilities
600 highly qualified specialists
The professionalism and experience of our staff allows us to offer the holding business units andz clients the optimal logistics solutions, find the most efficient use of human, financial and time resources for them, reducing transport and organizational costs and opening up new opportunities for business growth.